OUR STALLIONS – and the Story of Eric

  At the formation of the Society in 1972 it was feared there were no living pure Eriskay Stallions and the Society fearing for the future of the breed arranged for stallions, as near as possible to the Eriskay breed. All the mares at that point on Eriskay were pure but when bred with a non pure stallion any progeny was of 50% purity. The Society set about improving the percentage of pure Eriskay blood to conserve the breed.

The second miracle happened with the discovery in South Uist of a 100% entire. As soon as possible Eric and his pure bred progeny were used to serve all mares, thereby ensuring the best possible progeny from each mare served. Unfortunately by then, due to the emergency introduction to the island of non pure stallions (the Foundation Stallions), there were now non pure mares breeding on Eriskay, mostly much loved family pets.

 Since the discovery of Eric the Society has owned or managed the stallions and thus been able to control the breeding. All Eriskay Ponies bred through the auspices of the Society have a pure male bloodline tracing back to Eric and beyond. Now with the Society having access to six 100% entires it is possible to further control the process so that the most appropriate stallion can be selected for each mare at the point of service. Advice on breeding was provided for the Society by the Professor of Genetics at the Polish Institute of Genetic Sciences who was involved with the revival of the Polish native ponies which had all been taken from Poland during the Second World War.


ERIC no picture on record

Prince of Caolas

Cuchullain at two