Canon Calum macNeill's Silver Jubilee Message

“There have always been ponies on Eriskay. Like other animals in crofting life they were attached to families and households. In winter they herded together and new foals appeared. In spring and autumn they were used for work, carrying peat, seaweed, harrowing.

 Gradually, however, after the Second World War horses followed sailing boats in becoming redundant in the Isles – all things became motorised!  The pony population in Eriskay, as elsewhere, became depleted until the breed was threatened with extinction.

Then a miracle happened. Mr Robert Beck turned up! St Michael and his angels were guarding the future and in 1972 the island established its Comann nan Each.            

A lot has happened in the interim. It was always intended that the islands themselves (especially Eriskay)  should be the controlling base so I salute the self sacrifice of Society members for so enthusiastically promoting such a feature of Eriskay.

May God’s angels protect these efforts for another twenty five years on Eriskay – into the third millenium!”

40th Anniversary Message from Honorary President Robert Beck MRCVS BVMS

Dear Members, I would like very much to thank you for inviting me to the anniversary. I wish the society all good fortune in the future and hope, and indeed expect that we will go from strength to strength. I wish to pay tribute to all who have worked so hard in spite of many heartbreaking vicissitudes. I would, and I think everyone will agree, like to mention, in particular, the Society Chairman without whose Herculean efforts there would be no society today. Good luck.

Robbie Beck

40th Anniversary Dinner in Lochboisdale Hotel Saturday 12th May 2012