The Pure Eriskay Pony Studbook is compiled and maintained by the CEnE Registrar.
EEC Directive 96/78/EEC:-
If the sire and dam of a pony are in the Main Section of a studbook the pony must be entered there also. There are no exceptions to this rule.

*  A pony all of whose ancestors (ascendants) can be traced back to the ‘Original Eriskay Stock’ (OES) recorded in the Studbook of Origin of the Eriskay Pony breed (the CEnE studbook 1972-1985) qualifies as a purebred Eriskay Pony and may be registered as such by CEnE in The Pure Eriskay Pony Studbook.

*  A pony whose ancestors cannot be so traced back but which is genetically proven to be consistent with having its earliest known ancestors in the Original Eriskay Stock in the aforementioned Studbook of Origin may, at any time, be registered by CEnE in The Pure Eriskay Pony Studbook and thereby recognised as a purebred Eriskay Pony.

*  Entry to The Pure Eriskay Pony Studbook depends only on the pony being proved, by ancestry or genetically, to be purebred, descended from Original Eriskay Stock.

*  Applications for pony entry to The Pure Eriskay Studbook only require proof of the pony’s purity and the usual registration fee.