Studbook Principles

1. Objectives of the Society

Comann Each nan Eilean - the hereafter known as the Society shall:
   * Maintain a Studbook of the particulars of the pedigree of purebred
     registered Eriskay Ponies.
   * Include such information as the Management Committee may from
     time to time decide.
   * Promote the breeding of the purebred Eriskay Pony in order to
     safeguard and conserve this unique native Scottish breed.

   * Maintain a register of the pedigree particulars of all Eriskay Ponies ever registered by the Society.


2. Breeding Objective

The breeding objective of the Society is to promote the breeding of the purebred Eriskay Pony and the retention of the characteristics associated with its survival in its native environment in the Outer Hebrides (Na h-Eileanan an Iar)

3.  Characteristics of the breed

     The Breed Standard set by Robert Beck MRCVS

4.    Conditions for entering the studbook, and division of the             

  1. The studbook is composed of one class only.

To qualify for entry into the studbook a pony must:
       * be a purebred pony 100% OES descended from Original
         Eriskay Stock
 and  * have a pedigree established according to the rules of the          
 studbook ( Studbook Rule 1.4; 1.5; 1.6)

   2.  Division of the Studbook:-
             (a)   All animals   (b)  Stallion Section

5.    System of Registration
5.1 System of identifying ponies in the studbook
(i)  All ponies when first registered are issue with a lifetime identification  
(ii)  Ponies are identified by a unique registration number
e.g.   FICTIONAL PONY AND BREEDER IN STUDBOOK OR REGISTER                     PONY NAME  “A JSB 3 Annag”    Registration Number =  A JSB 3

                        Prefix  “A JSB”
                        A    = Purity A  ( A= 81-100%, B=61-80%, C=60% or less)
                        JSB =  Breeder John Smith in Barra . 
                        3 =  Third pony registered by the breeder with Comann Each
                              nan Eilean since 1972. 
                        Name  “Annag”.    
                        Pony’s Identity = “A JSB 3”     
The pony’s unique Equine Life Number (UELN) will be the Society’s PIO prefix 826061 followed by 0’s and the pony’s registration number. The above pony would be 826061000AJSB03.
826 indicates that the pony is registered in Scotland.
061 indicates that the pony is registered with Comann Each nan Eilean
000 are gap digits
A JSB 3 is the individual registration number of the pony.

(iii)  The UELN number remains the unique identification number for the pony for its           
      life. If the pony appears in any other studbook the UELN should be used to
      uniquely identify the pony in that studbook.
(iv)   All pure ponies when registered must have been micro chipped to the       
      satisfaction of the Society.
(v)   The Studbook will record live births of pure Eriskay Ponies.
(vi)   All live ponies are named when first registered as foals.

5.2  System of recording pedigrees

The following details are required in order to record the pedigrees of a pony in the studbook:-

  1. Sire, Dam, Sire of Dam, Year of birth, Sex, Breeder, Place of Birth.
  2. Verification of parentage.

      If there is any doubt as to any of the details submitted the Society reserves   
      the right to request a parentage test be undertaken at the breeder’s expense 
      to confirm the eligibility of the pony
6.   Non-discrimination     
       The Society operates in a non-discriminatory fashion towards its breeders.

Approved by the Management Committee of Comann Each nan Eilean - the Eriskay Pony Society Berneray 21st August 2010 as being in accordance with, unless proved otherwise, 92/353/EEC