Eriskay 1930's , Left to right Angus MacMillan, Donald Johnstone, Katie Mary MacKinnon Mary Agnes MacIsaac, John MacDonald
Duncan MacInnes

Duncan MacInnes, and his wife Kate Effie and now his family have played a huge role in saving the ponies on Eriskay from extinction.

Two sons continue the tradition – with another generation to follow.


Duncan MacInnes, Eriskay (Donnchadh Beag)

Comann Each nan Eilean –the Eriskay Pony Society was formed in 1972 as “The Association for the Preservation and Development of the Eriskay Pony”, changing its name to its present title in 1978.

The late Father Calum MacNeill, the late Dr Alastair Fraser and the late Robert Beck, MRCVS, were instrumental in the founding of the Association with the Eriskay pony owners.