Breaches of the Passport regulations
Any offence under or breach of the Regulations must be reported by ourselves to the horse passports enforcement authority. Upon receipt of information the enforcement authority will record it and assess whether enforcement action is appropriate.
The information will, if necessary, be passed to the enforcement authority for the area in which the offence may have taken place. Follow up action by enforcement authorities will be in line with the individual enforcement authority's policy.
By Law we have to report the following:
i) Where a passport is applied for outside of the statutory time limit (6 months of birth or before 31 December in the year of birth, whichever is the later)
ii) Where a passport is applied for when one already exists for that animal
iii) Failure of a new owner to update owner details within a maximum of 30 days
iv) Signs of unofficial changes to passport details, tampering or fraud.
These will be discussed with the enforcement authority for that territory