1972 22nd February Association for the Preservation and
          Development of the Eriskay Pony founded in
          Lochboisdale by a group headed by Fr Calum
          MacNeill, parish priest Eriskay, Robert Beck,  
          MRCVS a vet from Tiree. Dr Alastair Fraser from
          Lewis,. Crofters Commissioner.
          Ogam E to be symbol ‘each Eirisgeidh eilean’
1973  100% OES  stallion ‘Eric’ located on South Uist.     
          Bought by the Association for pure breeding.
1978  Association changes its name to Comann Each nan
          Eilean – the Eriskay Pony Society                                     
1982  Last non-pure stallion used in CEnE breeding
     All ponies now to be sired by a 100% OES stallion.
1985  First volume Register closed.
1986  23 Oct. Group of mainland members to form own  
          database and separate society.
1988  Eriskay Pony Class at South Uist and Benbecula
          Agricultural Show. Robert Beck Cup for best
          Eriskay Pony.
1992  Definitive book on Eriskay Pony published –
    ‘Scotland’s Native Horse’ by Robert Beck
1995   Pure breeding returns to the Islands.
1996   EGM. CEnE reaffirms its commitment to be Island    
           based. Friend of Society category. Logo adopted.
1997   Silver Jubilee Exhibition in Eriskay Community
1998   HRH Prince Charles, becomes CEnE Patron
2000   Sale of Ponies and Seminar in Lochboisdale.
           Company formed as Society’s ‘legal personality’
           and business arm with charity status.
           Death in Lewis of Dr Alastair Fraser.
2002   Recognition in Europe. Ponies change when
           moved from native islands. Three officebearers  
           Millenium funded  to go to Poland and
           Connemara. Learned how Poland and Ireland  
           support their native breeds. Polish Professor in
           Uist. Gives talk on conserving breed.
           Meets breeders and sees ponies on Eriskay
2003   CEnE Studbook Register 1972-1985 confirmed as   
          the Studbook of Origin of the Eriskay Pony breed.
          Death of Hon President Canon Calum MacNeill.   
2004   Surviving co-founder Robert Beck new President.
2010   Two office bearers meet in Brussels with Dr. Alf-
           Eckbert Fussel, EEC. Pure Studbook compiled.
           Rules and Principles sent to Regulatory Authority.                          
     Seorsa Gaidheal Certification Mark trademarked
     for members’ ponies bred, born, reared in Islands.
2011   Purebred Mares dispersed to Island locations.
           Accreditation for pure breeding at Palacerigg
           Country Park and Strathaven Rare Breeds Centre
2012   40th Anniversary Dinner in Lochboisdale Hotel.