Eich Eirisgeidh –an endangered breed

The people of Eriskay were solely responsible

for the conservation of this unique pony up

until 1972.

  “Without the people of Eriskay there would be no pony

but without the pony there would have been no people on Eriskay”

Quote by Fr Calum MacLellan, himself a native of Eriskay.

Comann Each nan Eilean – the Eriskay Pony Society was formed in Eriskay in 1972 with the objective of conserving the Eriskay Pony. Since then CEnE has met (and overcome) many obstacles placed in its way.  CEnE is the only recognised organisation devoted to conserving the pure Eriskay Pony. But for strenuous and sustained efforts by CEnE members the pure Eriskay Pony would not have survived for future generations to enjoy. CEnE ensures retention of the pony’s characteristics by promoting pure breeding in the pony’s heartland – its native heath, Na h-Eilanan an Iar -the western isles of Scotland. Today pure breeding is recovering and gathering momentum. The Eriskay Pony is not (as so often said by those not in the know) the last of the Western Isles type pony – it is the last remnant of Scotland 's native horse. Now accepted by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust as a rare breed, the Eriskay Pony is of inestimable value to Scotland and in the climate of fast disappearing species holds a place of some importance in the world scheme. Eriskay is the only island in the Outer Hebridean archipelago which held on to its pony heritage