The dependence on the pony continued right through the first half of the 20th Century, making Eriskay and its people unique in Britain .   The advent of the car ferry and the new causeway heralds a new age for the island , for its people, and for the pony.

Causeway from Eriskay to South Uist Photo: © Ruari Cumming, LRPS/


a dream in the making

Plans to establish a pony heritage and interpretation centre in the pony’s traditional home in Eriskay have had several setbacks. We obtained planning permission for a site at the Ceann a Garaidh Ferry Terminal in Eriskay but the storms of 2004 saw encroachment of the site and it was clear insurance would not be possible on a building there. Difficulties also arose with our next site, which although seeming much safer, fell foul of the new stricter 5 metre guidelines for flood assessment. Although a building on the site might have gained planning approval (just) the probabilities of future difficulties with insurance caused us to reluctantly abandon site three. Now we are again looking at our very first choice – the old post office in the heart of Eriskay and are hopeful of a positive outcome

October 2008, Storas Uibhist (The Community Buy Out Group) have agreed to lease the ground of the old Post Office site and we are currently negotiating the amount of land required.