Senior EEC Commission Officer to CEnE-EPS 10 July 2011
“I hope you have made arrangements to upgrade ponies of the female line by the use of 100% purebred Stallions.”

Comann Each nan Eilean-the Eriskay Pony Society had been doing that since 1981, when it was judged sufficient 100% pure stallions and colts had been bred to ensure continuation of the pure breed.  It then became the Society’s policy to only register ponies sired by a 100% purebred Eriskay Stallion.

Today most of these upgraded  (breeding up) registered Eriskay Ponies are to be found on the island of Eriskay.

CEnE-EPS has responded to the EEC officer’s comment by introducing a new designation – a special prefix SE to go in front of the usual registration number for all ponies bred, born and reared on Eriskay (all sired by a 100% purebred stallion), all of whose female ascendants had been bred on Eriskay and trace back to an Original Eriskay Female and one of the seven Foundation Stallions, one pure, six Highland Pony..

The breeding of these ‘SE’ Eriskay Ponies has never left the island where it all began. - they are Eriskay’s own special Eriskay Pony herd.



Twenty pure Eriskay Females (Original Eriskay Females) were located and registered :-
three on the mainland, three on Tiree, two in the Uists, five on Barra and seven still on Eriskay:- AAER1, ADER1, AFER1, AHER1, AKER1, AMER1, AOER1.
A, D, F, H, K, M, and O were the letters assigned to these original Eriskay breeders.

With no pure Eriskay Stallion believed extant the Society arranged for Highland Pony Stallions to save the breed by ‘breeding back’- using mainly Callum of Creagach and Darroch on Barra and Nicoldene on Eriskay

Eric became the foundation sire of a whole new generation of purebred ponies.

 Breeding up (upgrading)

             Fingal, CuChullin, Somerled, Cathal. Castealodair and Ruairidh

Archive photo's on Eriskay by Dr Robertson, Daliburgh G.P. during the 1970's

Roddy macChallum leading pony at Haun fishermans store and Post Office in the background

Traigh a Bhaile - Polacharra in distance

Loading coal at Haun Domhnall Beag Dhonnaidh and Grandsons Tormod and Seamas

Cummings who lived in Rhuban on Traigh a Bhaile, the seaweed was cut fresh

Down from Rhuban

Traigh a Bhaile

Ponies of todays Eriskay Herd with new foals