"The Association for the Preservation and Development of the Eriskay Pony founded 1972 (renamed in 1978 Comann Each nan Eilean- the Eriskay Pony Society) holds the Studbook of Origin of the Eriskay Pony breed - the mother society of the breed. It is the recognised Registration Authority for the Eriskay Pony breed.

As such it holds a studbook of Pure Eriskay Ponies* dating back to 1972 and a studbook register also dating back to 1972, comprising the pure ponies and bred back ponies (1972-1985) and upgraded Eriskay Ponies.**

All ponies of the Eriskay Pony breed must have pedigrees tracing back to an original Eriskay female, and one of the seven Foundation Stallions.

*100% Purebred Eriskay Ponies are ponies all of whose known ascendants trace back to the pure Foundation Stallion, Eric and one of the twenty Original Eriskay females recorded by the founding Society.

**Upgraded Eriskay Ponies are ponies sired by a 100% purebred Eriskay Stallion with the dam traceable back to an Original Eriskay female and one of the six Highland pony Stallions introduced to save the breed when it was believed there was no pure stallion extant. (Pharic of Hunthall, Fingal (Mull); Balelone (Benbecula); 40/72 Prince (Nicoldene) (Eriskay); Darroch (Rum Pony), and 70/69 Callum of Creagach (Barra).

To enable a current compilation of the breed all owners of a pony they believe to fall into either category are invited to apply to have their pony recorded in the appropriate studbook/register.

Please write, in the first instance, with as much of the pony's pedigree as known, to the Registrar of the Society at:-

482 South Lochboisdale, South Uist HS8 5UB." 

Comann Each nan Eilean - the Eriskay Pony Society has no connection with any other 'Eriskay Pony' organisation and no other organisation registers the same breed of pony with all ascendants traceable back to an original Eriskay female and one of the Society's seven foundation stallions.